Top 15 Free Music Websites  

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Music is a powerful creation. By its very design, it invokes a storm of stirred emotions, moving seas of unbridled passion within the core of our very soul.Here is Top 15 Free Music Websites :

The Sixtyone
This website offers music lovers great music to listen to, but not to download. The unique twist is that listeners can earn points by bumping up songs that you like that catches on with other listeners and they too can bump the song up, too. Listeners are the ultimate judges of the song’s success or failure. It’s kind of like American Idol on steroids.

If you are planning a party or preparing to travel and need some great music to download on your iPod, so your party will rock the house down or your travels is enjoyable, then is the place to visit. Put together your own playlist and submit it to the community to challenge your playlist against theirs in a voting type election system. You ultimately receive the winning playlist and the playlist submitter earns points for winning the vote.

Songza offers music fans the opportunity to search for and listen to the artist or song that they want to on the web. Users are not required to subscribe or pay for the services unlike or Rhapsody does. An added bonus Songza pays for licenses from all of the major performing-rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) and these companies pay the publishers and writers in proportion to the number of plays they get on Songza, so the artists are getting paid and the listener are getting to listen to music on the web.

Use this music sharing website to discover new artists and songs through its community of music loving listeners. Share your favorite music with others in the community and earn credit, so that you can use to get free songs of your own. Listeners can also review and recommend the music that they listen to and download music without restrictions.

It Breaks
Discover new recording artists and bands through listening to music that is being broadcast by the artist on ItBreaks. Listeners can comment on, share and evaluate the songs that they listen to and if a song receives enough favorable feedback, then that song moves to the frontpage in real time. ItBreaks’ members can customize their account with numerous features including groups, albums, playlists, ranking, etc.

MP3 4U
This music website offers free and legal MP3s that are submitted by its member community. MP3 4U members can comment on and review the songs that they have listened to, so that the rest of the community can also discover the best free music in the Universe. What type of music do you like? This website offers every music genre under-the-sun, and then some.

New Grounds
Visit this website if you are in the mood to discover new music options from aspiring musicians and Flash artists from around the world. Listeners can vote for their favorites or listen to other member’s favorite songs, bands and musicians.

This website came highly recommended by a few of my readers that had left comments in my other two Top 10 Music Lists, so it earned its nomination. Ruckus is a music network that allows students the ability to download and listen to, free music that have been archived in its network. Students can download unlimited free and legal music with the option to choose from more than 3 million songs. Additionally, students can also legally download hundreds of popular movies and television shows through the Ruckus service.

This website offers its listeners the ability to listen to or build their own playlist via its own radio. Discover new music from different music eras and/or by selecting your favorite music genre.

Live Music Archive
Live Music Archive provides the highest quality concert downloads on the Internet. There are more than 49 thousand items and 2,912 bands to choose from, so this is an excellent tool to use when enlarging your free music collection.

My Bloop
MyBloop allows anybody the ability to store files for free and share them with anyone else for free. Works with both Windows and , so anyone can listen to their favorite music, create playlists, back up files or simply share your personal music tastes with the world in minutes. With over 1.5 million files already stored on MyBloopthere isa fantastic selection to choose from when you are ready to get started.

Discover new music and artists on Deezer by listening to a variety of web radio channels that Deezer offers to its members of listeners. Join the Deezer community and participate in the forums, so to stay in the loop of all your favorite music. Search for the music that you want to listen to either by selecting the artist or the title from the built-in site search bar.

Tagoo offers its music listeners free music to listen to on the Internet. Build your own playlist featuring the biggest names in the business or from the least known garage bands that are just starting out in the music industry. Tagoo is still in Beta, so expect a few bugs here or there.

This website offers its listeners the opportunity to listen to free music on the Internet and discover new artists, musicians and bands that you probably haven’t ever heard of, until now. Listeners can join a Jamwave group, keep tabs of the charts or browse through the upcoming events when not tuning in the Jamwave radio.

Last.FM offers more music than you can shake a stick at. Join the community and make new friends who share the same interests as you do. members can play full tracks and customize your playlist according to your own unique tastes.


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