MT6227 Driver Download Link  

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Because you don't get an English manual with the phone.
With this password you can master reset and do all closed functions.

Download MT6227 English User Manual

I have tested it with my Nokia N95 (First Copy) Mobile, Drivers for Chinese phones that you can't find elsewhere, You can Download here:

PC Sync Manager:
"MT6227" USB Modem Driver:

Note: This Driver works for p168 also, if you tried other phones please tell me by commenting or email me.This driver works On All Chinese Phones

Remember One Thing about MT6227:

All MT62277 are cheap Asian phone, not a real windows mobile. They rip-off windows icons and say random stuff like Vista is the OS but the reason you are not finding anything for it is because it is really just made for playing MPEG4 movies and MP3s. The only documents I know off that it can open are plain TXT files. I hope you did not pay much for this device because they are very cheap, check the sources for an example." ...

So, Dear Readers, If you are so concern about connectivity and compatibility, then you should change your phone.


will these drivers work in vista?

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