MT6227 Info  

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You can access system files for the MT6227 Chinese phones by turning off the phone, connecting it trough USB, you will have 2 drives for example E: and F:, one is for the system and the internal memory of the phone, the other is for the memory card if inserted, Now copy all of the files on the system and save them into your PC, when you get things messed up or your phone sadly stated to restart "Like the bluetooth problem" just copy the files back into the phone.I know that this trick works, but for an actual firmware I can't find or suck out the MT6227 firmware,

I hear there is a version can be installed trough Linux, but whatever who is going to install Linux on their machine for a stupid phone.

My advice don't puchase any chinese phone whether it is first/second/third copy. Especially in MT6227 Chipset because MT6227 chipset does'nt have actual 2.0MP camera feture and has very slow images/camera/display processing.


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