5 Lessons from Blogging  

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1. It's not just technology
Geeks pioneered blogging so people think it is all about the technology. It isn't. Focus on people. It is people who read, subscribe, comment and tell their friends, technology is merely the tool you use to bring your content to the people.

2. Content is only the start
Yes, content is king, but without an army, what is a king but a simple man in a funny hat? If content is your king, promotion is your army. Saying all you need is content is like saying all a pie needs is flour. Success comes from several ingredients in the right measures; consistent, quality, valuable content, with good promotion, community and most of all patience!

3. It's not just WHAT you know
Networking is the key to success in blogging, and probably in life. Yes, it is not just what you know but also who. Get out and make friends.

4. Be nice on the way up
As a continuation of the previous point, I have seen so many people use and abuse their contacts and readers only to find when the proverbial hits the wind making device they are all alone. Do not make this mistake, be nice on the way up and you might get some friendly help when things go rough.

5. Give to receive
What you get out all depends on what you put in. Over the years, I have seen the idea constantly reinforced that before you try to take any rewards, you need to give, give and give some more. All too often people think blogging is a route to riches, so they slap ads all over their theme, push dodgy affiliate offers and generally try to extract every last cent from their blog before even creating any useful resource. Remember, garbage in, garbage out.

Let's Enjoy!


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