Joomla VS Wordpress  


There is no specific reason for this post but I just came out of a painful slump following my struggle with Joomla, another excellent open source content management system similar to (but certainly more extensive than) Wordpress.
While it was relatively easy for me to understand the inner maneuvers of Wordpress, my Joomla journey was laden with several false starts and an overwhelming desire to give up.

I finally did get the hang of it. And the results are spectacular. But I have come to the conclusion that in terms of self publishing platforms, nothing still beats Wordpress. Joomla, on the other hand, is superior in terms of data management and content flexibility.

I do understand, however, that these two platforms are meant for entirely different functions. Wordpress is primarily a blogging system, whereas Joomla is geared towards more complex websites, web portals, and the like. However, several bloggers do use Joomla, and some developers do use Wordpress for non-blogging sites. (Note: There’s a component that bridges Wordpress and Joomla, but I have heard some pretty ugly horror stories about it. Here’s hoping it would evolve soon.)

I would not recommend one over the other. They are both great platforms with excellent documentation. But, as one reviewer puts it, they are different conceptually. One must bear this in mind when trying to decide between the two.
In the meantime, here’s my two cents’ worth…

Use Wordpress if:

  1. You’re a blogger.
  2. SEO is your foremost concern.
  3. You have little or no design and development skills.
  4. You want a simple and easy admin-side interface.
  5. You have no patience for PHP hacks.
  6. You have little time to spare on extensions (plugins).

Use Joomla if:

  1. You’re running a portal, a web community, a complex corporate website, or an educational resource.
  2. You’re an experienced designer or developer.
  3. You need to manage and moderate several users.
  4. You can devote time and energy to study the system.
  5. You trust yourself with PHP.
I am going to register a domain soon, and will go with Wordpress, as in my view SEO is the most important.


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