What to write In the BLOGS  

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Hmmm.... It is the creative instinct which makes a person to write and express himself, his thoughts and ideas to others. If you wish to be a writer, you must learn to develop your own view point and try to elaborate on it. All good writers make us see things in a different light and perspective. Mostly people tend to write on the same subject, but your presentation must reflect your personality and individuality. Perhaps your ideas and thoughts must be original and interwoven in such a manner so as to attract the readers attention instantly.

There are countless interesting subjects on which you can write about in different forms but blogs that catch the attention of readers and bloggers are mostly current subjects, sports, short stories, jokes, small happenings in day to day events, our feelings and observations about life etc. There is a good market for he humorous stories and adventurous stories, the domestic tales and mysteries from ancient times and also stories related to animals and about strange experiences.

Don’t worry if your story turns out to be too short. Sometimes short stories are all time hits. The best blogs need not be very big as very few have the time to read the whole article. The content must be what the readers fear, desire, expect or best of all don’t expect at all. Hope you guys will come up with quality content because in the game of Google there is only one rule.... "Content Rules"...........


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