China MP5 SCAM  


Business With China Scam

Hello Readers,

Today I would like to draw your attention (some of you, those that are in business with china) to a issue that I faced... I am in import business from china. Few days ago I got an email

Dear Mike:

This is TONY, a manufacturer of MP5 MP4 MP3 Player, will try best work with you. We are the professional digital products supplier.Please kindly let me know if you have interests in this product.
If you want to knoiw more details about us and products, we wil give you most competive quotation for you.

Thanks and regards Awaiting for your early reply.

TONY (Vice General Manager) +86-13713995444 E-mail: Factory:West 2/F,Building A,No.71 Damenfang,Fuxing Rd,Futian District,Shenzhen,China

I placed and order of 2000 PCS worth about 1500, After three day when I confirmed the payment to get the delivery date, then there was no reply from them.... Now after ten days I have lost my money and writing in this blog to inform you guys. Be careful from this company.
Best of Luck for your business with china.


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