Why You Should Not Blog  

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Yes, you read that right. Why you should NOT blog.

Blogging is not for everyone.

There are some good reasons I have seen suggested why you should not blog:

  • You don’t have the time to do it justice.
  • Blogging would add nothing to your business or life.
  • Writing is too difficult or unpleasant.
  • Your company is struggling to keep up with current order levels.
  • Customer contact can never be in the culture.
  • Change is out of the question.
  • Colleagues can’t be relied on to behave.
  • Lawyers, PR and Brand team have to sign off on every communication.
  • If you created blog for earning the it may "Adsense CTR is too low"
    … And so on
Some of these are more valid than others, some have counter arguments and some are harder to solve than others. I can think of tactics that suit certain businesses better than blogging purely from an ROI basis.

One example would be a local swimming teacher who is booked up three years in advance and barely has time to spend with her own kids. A blog might give her opportunities to sell her expertise, gain private bookings, make more money and free up her time, or it might just create more work, a chore that takes her away from family quality time. It depends on the person and nobody can decide for her.

That all said, fact is there is only one reason you should never blog. You should never blog if you are not interested in communicating.

Blogging is all about your interaction with an audience. It is not a passive advertising platform. Creating a blog is not a magic ticket to the top of search engine results, and it will not suck eyeballs like a vacuum cleaner.

To succeed in blogging you have to be interested in your audience, you have to be there, be authentic, interact, and you have to consistently serve and delight them. If this is too much like effort, do anything else but blog. It just won’t work for you.

On the positive side, blogs are very good at attracting, educating and interesting audiences. You can get very fast feedback, gain a better industry profile, create sales leads, and have fun doing it.

It all depends on your mindset and motivation.


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