ColorPic Review, A Must Have Freeware  

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Yesterday, I was searching some free utlities and just popped into IconicCo's ColorPic. ColorPic is an easy program to pick any color from the screen and to store it in different palettes automatically (single XML file), ready to be used. Colors are shown in hex and decimal. It can show and modify many values (Hue, Saturation, RGB, and so on).It also uses a resizable magnification area and collapsible sections. It can calculate web-safe colors.

The ColorPic also sports a magnification area that allows you to get super detailed when picking a color. Version four has major speed improvements and an easier to use magnification slider, and now allows you to select either a point sample or a 3x3 or 5x5 average color from any place on your screen.

I am sure is still happy to provide the ColorPic as totally free software with no catches, even though ColorPic's features now surpass many of our competitor's commercial applications. So, I recommends every professional to have this tool.

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